Your Dentist can Help You with your Missing Teeth

Girl with Dental ImplantsYour dentist wants you to be happy with your teeth now and in the future and so they should try and offer you great advice on the possibilities for both dental care and solutions to problems like missing teeth. One of the offerings they can talk to you about is dental implants. If you have one or more missing teeth then implants can be used to give you a fixed replacement that is easy to get used to so you can eat, smile and talk with confidence. Dental implants are tiny cylinders or screws that are fitted into your jaw bone and then synthetic teeth of some kind are attached to these to give you a natural look and feel. These are cemented in place to give you a good grip and allow you to choose freely when it comes to food or other uses of your teeth.

Of course, dental implants do need to be taken care of in the long term with diligent oral hygiene and regular check ups but they do not need to be removed and cleaned and you need no special equipment to take care of them. When you visit a clinic such as Adams Dental in North London, they will be able to give you all the advice you need.

Are you concerned about the process?

Dental implants are a long term solution that is integrated into your mouth. Due to this, the process of installation is longer than some dental solutions and involves a number of trips to the dentist. Your dentist will be clear with you at the beginning about the expected number of visits and about how the process will go.

Most dentists understand that, for some clients, this can feel quite daunting especially if you are feeling nervous or have difficulty with going to the dentist. Don’t let this should stop you from getting the solution you want to your missing teeth. Your dentist should do everything they can to make you comfortable from keeping you informed to discussing sedation options with you. Generally, dental implants are fitted using local anaesthetic at the necessary points but this is not the only option they can explore with you so get in touch to make your appointment and let them know if you need extra care and attention in this area.