Why You Should Invest in a Bamboo Bed Sheets

Bamboo SheetsFirst dubbed yet another passing trend, bamboo beddings took the bedding industry by surprise due to its amazing staying power. What cuts bamboo sheets apart from the rest?

Here are the reasons why people are making the switch:

Softness and Weave

A bamboo sheet is popular for its softness, all due to its carefully chosen and created organic material. Unlike its natural and synthetic counterparts, it is both smooth and soft, characterized by a cool and flowing feel. Even the sheets with lower thread counts are softer when they are from bamboo threads.

With the right weave, it retains its softness but remains sturdy. The texture of the sheets is not purely aesthetic. In fact, you would not really be able to tell the difference if you do not look hard enough. The weave of the sheets affects not only the way it looks but its softness and general “feel” as well.

An important note is to choose pure bamboo sheets, and not the blended ones, for the real experience. There are cheaper alternatives that offer mixed material. However, these alternatives are more synthetic and cotton-y than bamboo.

Durability and Wrinkling

Due to its softness, many people think that it is very susceptible to wrinkling. Everybody wants to achieve the hotel-esque wrinkle-free beddings, but no one really intends to go through the trouble of ironing. Bamboo sheets are highly durable and are not as wrinkly as the usual polyester blend.

Finish and Hypoallergenic Properties

Most synthetic fibers are treated thoroughly and carefully to keep them soft and wrinkle-free. Bamboo fibers do not undergo harsh treatments as it went through processing with a careful, organic treatment. This allows for a smoother and softer finish while keeping it hypoallergenic.

Bamboo bed sheets may seem pricey at first, but given its durability and softness, it is an investment worthy of every cent. Make sure to check the tag thoroughly before you make the purchase and compare blends and weaves closely to find the perfect fit.