Why People Develop Crooked Teeth: Determining the Culprit

Dental BraceWhen the jaw is shortened, teeth become crowded. It is said that the softer the food consumed, the more likely to develop crooked teeth. That’s an old theory about how people get their teeth crooked. It does not necessarily follow that chewing harder food means being able to exercise the jaw and strengthening it. Aura Dental shares more information below:

Missing Out on Minerals

But, it is true that the more processed food are consumed, the more likely for the teeth to get crowded. That’s because most processed food don’t have sufficient minerals to help develop the jaw so it becomes broad and sturdy. It is fact that teeth become straighter with a more developed jaw.

It’s not just the jaw that forms a sturdy support, but the palate as well, which helps form a good support for the teeth.

Proper Function

Aside from critical nutrients, a properly functioning tongue and lips also contribute to the teeth’s development. If the tongue does not rest in the area between the upper teeth it cannot counteract the pressure of the cheeks that naturally pushes the teeth forward. This will result to a narrower jaw, where the teeth will most likely be crowded.

The more correct the function of the jaw, with its proper shape, the more room the mouth will have for the teeth, so they will not crowd and become crooked.

Without Treatment

While there can be no discomfort for having crooked teeth, dentists recommend the condition be corrected. Having crowded teeth often leads to periodontal disease and will have an effect on the teeth enamel. The more exposed the teeth due to worn out enamel, the greater the chances of it being attacked by germs and bacteria that can cause even worse disease like cancer.

Treatment is more than just wearing braces for proper alignment. It usually entails wearing retainers for life, especially if it’s a bad kind of crooked. Oral muscles need to be retrained to correct the misalignment.

Health problems like allergies and asthma likewise contribute to crooked teeth. Thumb sucking is also said to cause this oral problem. Crooked teeth can be detected as early as five years old. Don’t think they will eventually straighten themselves and have a dentist see it.