Why a Makati Condo Makes a Sound Investment

Condo in Makati as a Good InvestmentMakati isn’t just the business capital of the Philippines; many consider it a prime residential spot too. Having your own piece of the city brings you close to all the essentials of modern living. Indeed, making it your next home lets you indulge in the finest lifestyle you can find in the country.

Of course, renting a unit is friendlier to the pocket but buying your own is the more financially sensible thing to do. Here are some compelling reasons you should get a Makati condo under your name:

It Comes in Reasonable Payment Schemes

You don’t need to be a millionaire to own a unit in this prime location. If you turn your attention to an ongoing condominium project, you can buy a condo an early bird price. But other than that, you only need to settle 20% of the property’s cost before you can to take a mortgage.

The best part is many developers let buyers pay the “down payment” with no interest and in installments.

It’s Guaranteed to Appreciate

Makati is, and will always be, a strong real estate market. Its neighboring cities may be catching up, but it remains the preferred headquarters of most multinational corporations and local companies. It’s home to many thriving business districts, including the Ayala Center and Bonifacio Global City.

In other words, the value of the city’s land continues to head north, and its outlook doesn’t say otherwise. You could buy a Proscenium condo in Makati, do nothing, and still reap a substantial profit from it over a short period. According to real-life case studies, reselling a unit can earn more than a million pesos in just two years.

It Always Has a Rental Market

Makati always has a high demand for rental properties. Renting out a condo unit in this part of the city gives you a regular stream of income while retaining its ownership. Being a landlord puts you in an advantageous position in dictating the rent too.

Makati is the best place to invest in a condo in the Philippines without a doubt. Turn to today’s premium developments and gain a foothold in the city’s healthy real estate industry.