Whitewater Rafting Excursion Guide

Whitewater Rafting in ColoradoWhite water river rafting in Colorado is definitely something any thrill seeker should have on their bucket list. It’s a great outdoor activity that involves a lot of teamwork with your fellow adventurers to get through the unforgiving rapids, and it also doesn’t involve jumping off a plane at thousands of feet off the ground. But before you go on your epic adventure of rather wet proportions, there are still a few steps to take first.

Set up a team

Unlike skydiving, rock climbing, or other solo extreme activities, white river rafting in Colorado requires a team. Even a single person on your team could mean the difference between your raft making it through the rapids or tipping over along the way. So make sure you bring people you can trust to move as a unit with you.

 Safety should come first

As a thrill seeker, you already know you’re at risk of injury the second you sign up for this activity. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take safety steps to avoid it, however. No one wants to make this the last thing they scratch off their bucket list. You need to make sure that the rafting outfitters are licensed and professional and that you have complete safety gear. Always wear a helmet no matter what and make sure you have your life jacket on before you even think of getting on the boat.

Listen to your guide

Your guide is there to make sure you follow the safety procedures to avoid possible injury or death. So make sure that you listen to him at all times be it during the safety talk and on the actual boat itself. Don’t try to be that one tough guy who wouldn’t listen and ended up spending the rest of his “thrilling vacation” in a not so thrilling hospital bed.

Follow these steps to the letter and you are more likely to avoid any injury.