What Makes Dental Implant The Right Choice For You?

Why You Should Have A Dental ImplantDamaged or missing teeth can lead to other mouth health issues. Aside from making you feel uncomfortable and embarrassed to smile, spaces in your teeth can lead to the deterioration of your jawbone. This is because it loses its firmness and strength.

Therefore,sheendentalimplants.co.uk says that having a Richmond dental implant ensures that you get a complete solution of dental restoration that also stimulates and preserves the natural bone. 

Dental Implant

A dental implant is an option of replacing teeth lost or damaged through injury or periodontal disease. It is done by placing an artificial tooth root into a jaw to grasp the replacement tooth.

Why Choose Dental Implants

Dental implant treatment is unlike any other form of restoring damaged or missing teeth. This is because dental implants are distinctive for each individual. In addition, the delivery of care is personalised. The following are some of the reasons that have made dental implants the first choice for restoring damaged and missing teeth.

  1. Dental implants provide a long-term solution. When properly placed and cared for, dental implants can last a lifetime unlike traditional dental bridges that lasts for five to ten years.
  2. It allows you to bite naturally. You can taste any food you like without feeling uncomfortable, which is not the case with removable dentures.
  3. The implants help you to retain your natural smile. Lack of teeth can make your face appear sad. Dental implants enable you to maintain your natural smile and shape of your face.
  4. It hinders the occurrence of cavities. Cavities cannot occur on replacement tooth. However, regular visit to your dentist is highly recommended in order to care for the teeth and your gums.

Dental implants provide the natural solution to cases of damaged and missing teeth. In addition, after-treatment plan and regular visits to the dentists ensures that your implant and teeth stays healthy.