Wedding Photographer: Who is Right for You?

Wedding PhotographerConsidering that the wedding is one of the most important days of your life, going wrong will be more expensive than the budget itself. A wedding is a lifetime memory and you cannot afford to tarnish it. Planning a wedding — or any big ceremony, for that matter — is quite hectic and engaging. Gather your team and have each of them know their duties. Also, hire a coordinator who will ensure every team member does their duty.

Why do you need a photographer? You need reminders. Everyone likes a replay of their best moments!

So how exactly do you pick the right photographer?

Who are you hiring?

Research and know the company or the photographer (if it’s an individual) you’re about to hire. Know their reputation and interact with them to gauge their personality. You don’t want to hire a personality you can’t handle. Finally, make sure they are available on your dates.

Their portfolio

They say seeing is believing. A portfolio is not just evidence that the photographer has experience but also that he/she has skills.

Do not ask for a photo sample. Ask for the whole album. Experience is good, but says skill is better. Looking at a bunch of photos, you can spot a sham photographer.

Pricing and packages

Wedding photography prices in Denver vary. You have the whole plan in your head, so now you need a suitable candidate to turn that thought into reality. Pick one that suits you, and don’t compromise.

Know their packages, so you can pick one that works for you. Ask them the following questions:

  • Do you have an assistant?
  • Do you cover whole or half day weddings?
  • Are family portraits part of your packages?

What about style?

What is the photographer’s style? Are they all about vintage photos? Style is not just about what they do but also how they do it. A vintage photo may not sound exciting, but when you see how they bring it out, you may love it more than your original idea. So, remember: Portfolio.

The first rule when preparing and planning for your wedding, don’t be in a rush. Immediately after getting engaged, know your budget, then set the date. Starting early gives you time to correct errors, as well as try ideas and perfect the ceremony. It will also give you time to pick the right team.