Want to Go Beyond London? See Bath!

The Roman Baths in Bath, EnglandVisiting the UK will never be complete without going beyond London, and if there is one city you should not miss, it must be Bath. The ancient metropolis so loved by the Romans is a UNESCO World Heritage Site not only for the preserved Georgian structures but also for its baths.

To help you appreciate your experience in Bath, here are some facts you need to know about the place:

1. Its history started about 8,000 BC

Historians believed the history of Bath began 8,000 BC based on the human activity detected in the natural springs of the area, but it took a while before people started settling in, as it is possible the land is swampy or muddy.

2. It is not previously meant for relaxation

Spa these days means relaxation, but back then, the people dipped for the water’s healing effects. Perhaps this could be due to the story that the waters cured the ninth Briton king of his leprosy.

Whilst its healing properties require more studies, many experts think the minerals found in the water, the pressure and the heat could help relieve muscle pain by blocking the receptors that make you sensitive to it. The heat can likewise be relaxing, reducing the level of stress and blood pressure, as well as improving mood and sleep.

3. Spa breaks are incredibly common

In Bath, you can have the best day of your life as hotels lavish you with a complete spa package that includes a massage, a dip in hot springs or bath, and an incredible dining experience – all these spa breaks in Bath for one full day or two. Ask the previous guests of The Royal Hotel and you will get the same positive answers.

4. The sacred spring can tell more of the city’s Roman history

The Romans loved the sacred spring, which feeds the baths, they built a temple near it in honour of Sulis Minerva and then threw precious objects for the goddess. In turn, Britain collected one of the biggest collections of Roman coins.

Isn’t Bath a worthy addition to your bucket list whilst in the UK? Go and visit its incredible heritage and history soon.