Turning Over a New Leaf: Get Your Outdoor Living Space Ready for Fall

Outdoor Living Space in SandyWhether it’s because of the crisp air, the changing of leaf colors, or the pumpkin-flavored Starbucks treats, everybody looks forwards to fall — the season that makes way for three months of cozy sweater weather.

If you’re a nature-loving individual, you don’t have to give up being out-of-doors just because the weather is getting colder. In fact, you can transition your outdoor living space into an area perfect for fall appreciation. Here’s how.

Get the Fireplace Burning

Summer nights could get sticky and winter might be too chilly, so when’s a better time to have evening gatherings than fall? As the season approaches, make sure that the Impressions Landscape fireplace in your outdoor living space is working properly for cozier gatherings.

Sitting around a fire on a relaxed night is one of the most enjoyable things about camping. With an outdoor fireplace, you and your loved ones can easily have that at home.

Additionally, you can take the camping vibes to the next level by installing a BBQ cover. If you don’t have a BBQ cover to grill the food served during summer pool parties, now is the best time to get one.

Keep It Nice and Cozy

Broker associate Miguel Espinoza says that a well-done and livable outdoor space increases home appraisal, should you decide to sell in the future. This entails care and maintenance for its design and functionality.

One way to achieve this is by keeping the area cozy with aesthetically pleasing, warm-toned furnishings — thick cushions, soft throw pillows, and rich wool blankets. An open fire keeps your outdoor living space warm at night. However, it cannot stay on all day. The textiles are a sensible substitute that looks good and functions well.

While summer is a fun season of blue skies and bright sunshine, fall is just as welcoming with its crisp air and warm-toned leaves. Are you ready for it?