Treatment Options for Binge Eating Disorder

Binge Eating Disorder TreatmentBinge eating disorder or compulsive eating is a condition that affects kids, teens as well as the older folks. Binge eating disorder leads to unnecessary weight gain and in extreme cases obesity thus encouraging further compulsive eating episodes. People suffering from binge the disorder struggle with feelings of shame, guilt or disgust and often experience a related co-morbidity like anxiety or depression.

Towards this end, different treatment options have been developed to help people with binge eating disorder regain normalcy. Most physicians recommend outpatient treatment, but extreme cases require hospitalization or residential programs.

Psychological treatment

This kind of treatment of binge eating disorder involves dealing with psychological issues that lead to binge eating:

  1. Cognitive behavioral therapy: here a patient talks to a therapist about emotions that lead to binge eating. The therapist suggests alternative ways of dealing with the negative feelings and the way he thinks about food.
  2. Dialectical behavior therapy: a therapy that helps you control your emotions.
  3. Interpersonal therapy: it mainly focuses on any close relationships that may be influencing your eating habits.

Joining a self-help group

Group therapy allows you to share feelings and concerns with other people struggling with similar problems. While a family may be equally supportive and ready to listen, effective treatment of binge eating disorder can also mean joining a self-help group. Self-help groups in mental facilities encourage patients to read a self-help group under their supervision.

Nutritional counseling

Establishing a well-balanced diet is essential for the treatment of binge eating disorder. As such, apart from visiting a therapist and other doctors, nutritionists and dieticians come in handy when treating an eating disorder. Nutritional counseling helps you identify fears about foods and the consequences of not eating well. This way a person can appreciate the value of food and adopt normal eating habits.

Depending on the extent of the disorder, a doctor may recommend the use of one treatment of binge eating disorder or a combination of all the treatment options listed above.

Various treatment options for binge eating disorder include psychotherapy, self-help programs, and nutritional counseling.