Travelogue: Taking Pictures on Your Trip

Aerial View Of Sentosa, SingaporeTaking travel pictures is always on the list of any tourist, whether they’re backpackers or posh travellers. It’s strongly hardwired into their minds. If you notice, frequent travellers have somehow developed an eye for detail and affinity for visual aesthetics.

For some, travel pictures are just proof that they visited a certain destination. For others, it’s a creative way to tell a story about their adventures. This is what you should keep in mind if you want to keep great memories.

Whether you’re exploring Macchu Picchu or you’ve already paid the entrance fee to Sentosa, Singapore, here are some tips that will help you take better pictures.


Good travel pictures are not made in a snap. They are carefully considered and formed. Make sure that your photograph is creatively composed. Execute the rule of thirds.

This is how it works: divide your frame into thirds, both horizontally and vertically. The intersections of these dividing lines should guide you where to put the subject. By putting the subject in one of these intersections, you are actually emphasising it or making it more interesting. Do macro shots if you want to emphasise the expanse and significance of the subject.

Ditch “Selfies” for a While

There is nothing wrong with taking selfies, really. But would you like to look at your travel album full of your self-portraits? Other than capturing landmarks, you might want to take pictures of the locals, their cultures, and traditions. Take a picture of your family and friends as they laugh or go about the businesses of your trip.

Make the Most of Light

Photography is technically the art of drawing an image with light. As such, you must make sure that there is sufficient lighting whenever you take a picture. Good lighting can flatter your subject, making it look more interesting. With this, it would be practical if you take pictures during the daytime. Otherwise, use flash.

An advanced camera may be an advantage, but it doesn’t matter. Keeping memories is not a competition. Just pour your heart into it and you’ll surely have something to treasure.