Top 3 Things To Do for Families in Israel

Beach in IsraelVisiting the holy and historically rich land of Israel with your family? From the ancient city walls of Jerusalem to the monuments of Jaffa, everything there resonates with rich stories of evolution of culture and religion.

Check out some of the region’s most family-friendly activities.

Exploring the Ancient Monuments in Old Jerusalem

Israel’s iconic capital is the hub of three major worldwide religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam), which makes it one of the most fascinating places to explore. From the Ottoman age old city stone walls to holy places like the intriguing Western Wall, the place is throbbing with religious history.

Visit the Rock and Church of the Holy Sepulchre or sign up for an affordable and family-friendly tours. Cruise Lady, for instance, offers their popular LDS Israel tour so you can witness the region’s breathtaking churches and temples.

Beach Hopping in Tel Aviv

Often referred to as one of the most liberal cities in the Middle East, Tel Aviv is known for its chic cultural hotspots, sultry beaches, and stylish eateries. The city is known for its buzzing nightlife, and features plenty of antique goods markets, outdoor cafes, and artsy shops. Plenty of hipsters can be spotted hopping around the city’s little known flea markets, such as the Carmel Market. Enjoy the famous Tel Aviv sunset with your family in what seems like a scene straight out of Arabian Nights.

Snorkeling at The Red Sea, Eilat

The Red Sea at Eilat, with its majestic corals, vibrant assortment of fish and clear waters, is the perfect place to go snorkeling with your brood. The weather is pleasant all through the year and there’ something for divers/snorkelers of all levels here. The less intrepid can head to the region’s stunning Underwater Observatory or sunbathe on the golden-sandy beaches. The amazing dive centers of Sinai are also easily accessible from Eilat.

Israel is great for families looking to soak up some ancient history, religion and modern outdoor recreation. From the religious landmarks of Jerusalem to the outdoor cafes of Tel Aviv to the crystal clear diving sites of Eilat, there’s plenty of keep people of all ages busy.