Top 3 Sports that can Cause You to Suffer Hip Pointer Injury

A Football Player Engaging in team sports is splendid not only because it keeps you healthy and strong but also help you gain confidence, learn the value of cooperation and coordination, as well as teach you perseverance.

Participating in team sports benefit you a lot by helping you stay fit and build a relationship with your peers. It also helps you learn valuable lessons about dedication, leadership, and accountability.

However, some team sports can also expose you to dozens of injuries you can potentially suffer. One of these injuries is iliac crest contusion or more commonly known as hip pointer injury. Below are the top three sports that expose you to this kind of injury.


Sports Injury Clinic reveals that football is among the top sports that expose you to hip pointer injury. In many cases, it is caused when another player dives on a collision course towards your hip in an attempt to stop you. The sudden and hard impact may bruise your iliac crest or the greater trochanter.

Sometimes, hip pointer injury can also be caused by the sudden twist of the football athlete’s trunk while kicking. This kind of injury causes bleeding to occur in the front and side of your hips, as well as into your abdominals and hip abductors. Swelling occurs as a result and moving your hip even for just a little bit can be very painful.


Another contact sport, according to that expose athletes to hip pointer or iliac crest injury is hockey. Just like football, hip pointer injury is caused when another player slams into you in an attempt to get you out of the way. It can also be caused when an overzealous player inadvertently forcefully strikes your hip area with a hockey stick in an attempt to wrest away the puck.


Iliac crest injury is caused not only by one player bumping hard on your hips or a hard object being slammed into the area. Sudden falls can on the hip also cause it, which is often the case with skiing.

Athletes have been known to suffer from this injury when they land hard on their hips after a wrong twist or incorrect landing after a ski jump. Though the snow may be soft, there are many instances when odd twists or faulty landings have caused hip pointer injury to occur.

Often, treatment of hip pointers may just involve applying the formula referred to as RICE which means rest, ice, compress and elevate. But in severe cases which can involve fractures or damages to organs such as the spleen, medical intervention like surgery may be needed. Utah athletes who continue to suffer pain would usually have the injured area examined with a hip scope by a doctor in Provo like to determine if additional medical intervention is needed.

This is necessary because the only thing that might be able to correct the condition is surgery. Orthopedic surgeons specializing in sports medicine and arthroscopic surgery are equipped to handle these situations so athletes can resume doing what they love.