Toothache? It May Indicate More Serious Problems

Dental Care in LakevilleAnyone will experience toothache at some point, but it does not necessarily mean it is already a major oral health problem. Toothache pertains to pain affecting not only the teeth, but also the surrounding area, like the jaw. Tooth decay is the leading cause of toothaches in all parts of the world, not just Lakeville.

How toothache can affect you

Dental professionals, such as Miller Comfort Dental, explain that toothache can affect a person in more ways than one. Sometimes, you may feel pain only for a short period of time, but it may also be a constant thing for you. Eating or drinking may also worsen the pain, especially when you eat hot or cold foods or beverages.


The pain also varies from mild to intense. It may bring on a sharp sensation that can take place so suddenly. In many cases, toothaches worsen at night, making it nearly impossible to sleep or stay asleep. When you suffer from a broken tooth or one of your teeth lost a filling, this can start the ache.

Determining the source

Many times, you will find it hard to determine which tooth is causing the pain. When lower molars are the culprit, they can make the pain seem coming from the ear. Toothaches that occur in the upper teeth may have sinusitis-like symptoms. The infected tooth may also cause soreness and tenderness o the jaw near it.

Seeing the dentist

When you’re experiencing toothache for several days, you should already start looking for a dentist. Do this as soon as possible, as you want to have your damaged teeth treated to prevent further problems such as serious cavities and gum diseases.

Your chosen dentist will first perform a comprehensive test and assessment of your oral health to determine the cause of the pain, and come up with the most appropriate treatment plan to resolve the root cause of the toothache.