Tooth Brushing: Teaching Your Child a Healthy Habit the Fun and Easy Way

Tooth brushingTooth brushing is an essential health habit to develop in your children. Not only does it help promote good hygiene, it also helps maintain a good set of teeth. This habit should be ingrained at an early age, so it continues to adulthood. Here are a few pointers for making tooth brushing easy and fun for your kids.

Pick the Right Tools – It’s important to know which kind of brush and toothpaste one should use on children. Your toddler should start with small-headed toothbrushes with soft bristles to prevent damaging their gums and to reach more areas. For your child’s toothpaste brand, choose one that has 1000-1500 parts per million of fluoride. However, it’s still best to contact and visit your dental office in Payson first before making a decision.

Guide Movement – When your child is too young to hold a toothbrush, do the brushing yourself. Give instructions as you brush so when you’re young one is old enough to hold the brush, all you need to do is to guide their hand as they brush. You can even brush together once he or she gets the hang of it. Eventually, your child will be able to brush by himself or herself.

Make it Fun – Children can easily lose their focus in the middle of a boring activity. You and your baby can try making a game out of it, with the winner being your kid if he manages to brush his teeth properly. You can also create a catchy song to help you and your child brush properly. Praising your child when he or she does it properly can motivate him or her to do it more often and with a positive attitude.

Keep in mind that even if you and your child do brush properly, it is still recommended to make regular visits to the dentist, according to the expert from Canyon Dental Clinic. Take note of all the advice the dentist gives and encourage your child to enjoy the visit. Don’t forget to put into practice everything you have learned at the dental clinic.