Time to Switch: Study Reveals Organic Food Gives More Health Benefits

Group of People Having a Healthy Organic MealYou’ve heard it all: including fruits and vegetables in your diet offer a host of benefits. Apart from making the immune system stronger, healthy eating can also give you better hair and skin.

A new report, however, will make you want to get in touch with companies that offer organic foods, such as Beetnik, pronto. According to the report, while eating “conventional” healthy products is beneficial to your health, people can reap significantly better benefits from going all-organic.

Reduced Pesticide Exposure, Improved Development

In the report Human Health Implications of Organic Food and Organic Agriculture, researchers consulted various other related studies to reach their conclusion.

Some variables made finding conclusive evidence on the way an organic diet affects human health. Consumers of organic food, for instance, tend to have healthier dietary habits in general, which makes it difficult to link better health exclusively to the consumption of organic food.

Despite the challenges researchers faced in gathering conclusive evidence, however, they found that most of the literature they examined pointed a link between organic food and reduced exposure to pesticide and other harmful substances.

Healthy Organic Grilled Chicken MealOrganic vs. Conventional

The study, moreover, brought forward distinctions between the level of nutrition in traditional and organic crops. Organic crops, for instance, contain almost 50% less of the poisonous substance cadmium compared to conventionally-grown varieties. According to cardiovascular research scientist James DiNicolantonio, the reduction in cadmium consumption may yield a 20% reduction in mortality, as it lowers the risk of cancer and heart disease.

Organic food, moreover, can pack significantly more nutrients in the same kind of produce as opposed to conventionally farmed crops. A study from Newcastle University, for instance, found that concentrations of polyphenolics and other antioxidants are higher by 18-69% in organic produce than in their conventional counterparts.

The Mayo Clinic further explains that organic food puts people at less risk for pesticide consumption, as organic farmers resort to insect traps and careful crop selection instead of using synthetic pesticides.

The Family that had only Organic Food for Two Weeks

To demonstrate the benefits of going organic, consider this: A family of five switched from conventionally-grown food to a strictly organic diet after participating in an experiment run by Coop, a Swedish grocery chain, and the Swedish Environmental Research Institute.

After just a single day, doctors who tested the urine samples of the family members already noted that the pesticide load in their bodies had dropped dramatically. Furthermore, the pesticide levels initially found in the family members’ bodies were well within the range of what professionals consider safe for humans. By the end of the two-week testing period, doctors found very little trace of pesticides and other compounds in the follow-up samples of urine.

Individuals and families eschew organic fare trying to save hard-earned cash, which was the case with the Palmberg family. The mother, Anette Palmberg, shared that her family chose to eat conventional as it was friendlier for the budget of a large family. She claims, however, that after the experiment, she was reevaluating that tradeoff: there were massive amounts of chemicals removed from her kids’ bodies, and as a mother, she wants none of them back.