Three of the Best Reasons to Play Basketball Today

 Playing BasketballIt’s pretty impressive what basketball teams and players are able to achieve these days. From its humble roots as a pastime at the YMCA to its present status as an international phenomenon, this silly little game that we love has evolved so much through the years.

Basketball is not just about the crazy moves, the ebullient passing, and the gravity-defying plays that excite every little kid who’s ever touched a basketball. It’s about other things too.

Make new friends

Basketball is a game that you can play on your own, but it’s a lot more fun if you share it with others. It is a team game, after all. Whether you’re inviting kids at the playground to join you for a pickup game, or rooming with other ballers at a training camp for basketball, you can make new friends instantly. And because you share a love for the sport, you’ll probably get to hang out with them a lot.

You learn to face a challenge

You won’t be playing with other people whose skills match yours all the time. Many times you will encounter someone who’s just better than everyone else on the court. This is when your natural tendency to step up to a challenge comes into play. This is an important life lesson too, because it will teach you never to walk away from something that appears difficult without trying your best to overcome it.

You stay healthy

Running, jumping, arm movements, and everything you do when you play ball keep you active and healthy. This is good for your cardiovascular fitness and also for your muscle and bone strength. When you are dedicated to improving at basketball you will also tend to avoid smoking, drugs, and alcohol. Many people who love to play the game also watch their diet and go to the gym to improve their strength and body mass.

Playing basketball is a great way to take advantage of the benefits of being involved in an enjoyable sport. The difference between this and other sports is you get to be as creative as you can be, unlike other sports that allow only for the same exact movement to perfect a shot. Get involved in basketball today.