Things to Do When Visiting Busselton

Visiting Busselton in Western AustraliaWhen considering visiting Busselton in Southwest Australia, a nice beach town, don’t be mistaken and judge it to be a quiet beach town. Busselton is bustling with activities and events. The place may have a carnival one day, a music festival on another or some international events. recommends what to do in Busselton. You can enjoy scuba diving, skydiving and wine tour. Apart from these fun activities, there are a hundred more reasons to visit and experience the place.

You can have a fantastic experience when visiting Busselton. You can visit the underwater observatory, which gives you a view of what it’s like under the oceans. As one of the prettiest towns in South West Australia, there are lovely beaches located on its coast.

There are wonderful Norfolk pines shading the pathways and grassed areas by the water front cafes. This can relax you and rejuvenate your mind. You can walk down the jetty stretching out almost two kilometres.

You can also visit the oldest stone church in the town, which is St. Mary’s, built around 1840. There is also the Old Butter Factory, which is one of the largest museum outside of Perth and one of the oldest locomotives, the Ballarat train, is on display here. The Pioneer Cemetery is another historical site, which has 1000 graves of the earliest settlers who came to this town.

There are also exciting points like the Visitor’s point, which is a great location for taking a photo. If you love sports like golfing, you can also find golf courses there. You can choose to visit lovely parks if you want to relax and enjoy nature.

Busselton has many wonderful places and fun activities to offer. Bring your family when you visit the place!