The Windows to Your Soul: 5 Surprising Truth about Your Eyes

Eye Clinic Doing Optical Surgery in Maple GrovePeople don’t often give much thought about their eyes until something bad happens or their vision becomes affected. Once you’ve got to know more about the eyes, however, you’ll understand just how amazing your sight is.

Listed below are some of the lesser known facts about the eyes:

Fun Fact #1:

Wondering why your eyes are placed in hollowed socket? The reason behind that is to protect the nerves responsible for the movement of your sight. The brows, on the other hand, prevent sweat from getting in contact with the eyes. As for the lashes it keeps off dirt and dust out of your eyes.

Fun Fact #2:

Organ transplant is possible with the exception of the eyes. It is because there are billions of nerves connected to it and you cannot reconstruct all those. You might hear that certain eye clinics perform optical surgeries, but not the term is totally different from transplant. For surgery, the procedure usually involves correction and treatment while transplant is somewhat synonymous to replacement and transfer.

Fun Fact #3:

In all of your body parts, eyes are one of the fastest to heal quickly. With correct measures and care, the eyes can recover for approximately about 48 hours, this is applicable to minor injuries only.

Fun Fact #4:

More than 80% of vision-related problems are curable and can be avoided. People just fail to take good and proper care of their eyes. However, when faced with serious eye diseases which directly affects the nerves recovery is almost impossible.

Fun Fact #5:

Based on statistics, 80% of what most people learn came from what they see and study through their eyes. Visual is included in the four basic modalities of learning based on Neil Fleming along with auditory, read/write, and kinesthetic sensory. They are collectively known as VARK.

Your eyes serve many functions to your day-to-day activities. Most of which can’t be substituted by any part of the body. Hopefully, with this information, you’ll show more care about your eyesight because once you’ve lost them you can never have them back again.