The Smart Tourist: Visiting London on a Budget

Happy Couple in a Tour BusWhen you travel to another country as a tourist, your intention is to relax and enjoy the sights and sounds that the country uniquely provides. Often, you hesitate to travel because of the expenses that travel represents. For example, staying at a hotel means spending a significant chunk of your budget so much so that you will probably want to stay at the hotel and enjoy its amenities. Most of the time you want to get back what you spent instead of enjoying the outdoors and seeing the sights.

A More Practical Way to Be a Tourist in England

Fortunately, there is a practical way to make the most of your visit to England. Instead of booking a hotel that you will probably just need at night after a hectic sightseeing tour, you can choose to stay at a London hostel for cheaper accommodation expenses. In this arrangement, you can choose to either share a room and facilities with other tourists or go for a private room.

Staying at a hostel provides the following advantages:

Hostels are cheaper than other accommodations. Your stay at a hostel can be a few days more than at a hotel. Dong this gives you more time to pace your visit and even go on a short day trip to places such as Bath.

Staying at a hostel also gives you the chance to meet with other tourists like you. These are tourists who spend most of their time outdoors and are familiar with the concept of “practical tourism”. They can provide you with valuable information about sights not normally found in the travel brochures, and other practical tips to stretch your relaxation budget.

On your holiday in London, don’t spend most of your time indoors. Make the most out of your trip and explore London’s sights and sounds—without busting your wallet.