The Secret to Being Jason Derulo’s It Girl

Albuquerque Girl with a Beautiful Smile from When recording artist and songwriter Jason Derulo was asked about his “It Girl,” his answer was particular and broad at the same time.

“There’s no specific thing,” Derulo admits, “So I think it’s unfair to say what my ‘type’ is.” Despite his answer, it turns out that the So You Think You Can Dance judge is looking for a specific asset: a beautiful smile.

Initially, it seems shallow, but the It Girl singer might just be one of many. Surveys reveal that when people meet someone new, the first thing they notice is a bright and healthy smile. Sadly, many hesitate in flashing a smile because of how their teeth look.

Are you one of them?

Becoming the Next It Girl

According to Parkway Dental, a local dental practice, modern cosmetic dentistry offers various ways of improving your smile. From in-office treatments, such as laser dentistry in Albuquerque, to dental veneers, almost everything is more affordable.

Do you think your smile could be a little brighter? Ask your dentist about teeth whitening—an effective way to lighten those pearly whites without breaking the bank. In-office whitening treats teeth to be up to 10 shades whiter within the hour. If you can’t afford to take a break from the office, take-home kits offer the same results in a week or two.

Correcting Irregularities

Jason loves women with good teeth. “I’m not into messy teeth,” he said, “If the grill has spaces and different colors, it’s not my vibe.”

Some people experience minor spacing issues, cracks, or small chips. Dentists remedy these problems with cosmetic bonding. The process, which takes only a single office visit, uses liquid composite resin, hardened by a special light. Using a high-tech tool, dentists build up layers to create a pleasant and natural effect.

If a little touch up is what you need, dental veneers might be the answer. Give your teeth that Hollywood white sheen with different shades to choose from.

A beautiful smile is the secret to Jason Derulo’s and other boys’ hearts. If you want to be the next It Girl, visit your dentist.