The Makings of an Elite Point Guard

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Bob Cousy, John Stockton, Magic Johnson, Jason Kidd, Steve Nash and Steph

A coach from Intensive Basketball Camp, a basketball training camp, cites the following qualities that make for an elite point guard.

Ability to Control the Tempo

The Showtime Lakers had Magic Johnson dictating the tempo and throwing those no-look-passes to teammates. Basketball is about tempo, the one who controls it, may control the game. The point guard’s job is to either push the action and go seven seconds or less, or dump the ball down low to their best post player. You will be able to do this by watching lots of game tape and identifying the strengths and weaknesses of your team.

Pinpoint Passing

John Stockton had Karl Malone to whip those crisp and easy chests or bounce passes. It comes as no surprise that Stockton is still the all-time NBA league leader in total assists. His precision passing has led to numerous points for his teammates and highlight reels for Malone. As the point guard of the team, you need to hone your passing skills and identify the best spots where your teammates are comfortable in.

Respectable Jump Shot

Steph Curry’s jump is so smooth and accurate some teams send help defenders even if he’s 25 feet from the basket. As a point guard, you need to have a reliable jump shot, even if not as proficient as Curry’s from beyond the arc. Developing one keeps the defender on his toes and doesn’t just go under screens or sag down to block driving lanes.

These are only three of the many qualities of an elite point guard, developing one of these provide you with a skill to go to, to contribute to your team.