The Key Benefits of Learning to Play the Piano

A Mother Teaching Her Daughter to Play the PianoThere are those who received the opportunity to learn the piano while they were young. However, for those who never got the chance to learn piano playing, why not do it now? Here are some of the benefits of learning a musical instrument, whatever age you might be:

Improve Multi-Tasking Skills – Imagine reading notes, handling the keys, stepping on the pedals and listening to a melody while making sure everything you do is synchronized to a certain beat. That is what a pianist does when playing the piano. Not only are you required to coordinate the movements of both your hands and all your fingers, you are actually doing several tasks altogether.

Better Brainwork – According to a McGill University Study in Montreal Canada, most piano students show better performance in their schoolwork. Besides higher intelligence, they also scored higher on spatial cognitive tests compared with non-piano playing classmates. In addition, research from Northwestern University has shown that piano playing fires up your brain’s neural connection and increases brain function.

Reduce Stress – Many businesses use music to alleviate work-related and lifestyle-induced stress. Spas, massage parlors, restaurants and even elevators have soothing background music playing to induce relaxation. Piano playing has been proven to reduce stress through its musical output. In fact, studies from Loma Linda University have show that it can even remove stress on a molecular level. This gives you more reason to get your old piano repaired by a Wisconsin specialist immediately.

There are other benefits to piano playing that are worth researching on. You should even consider enrolling your children in piano classes so they can also gain from it. You might as well learn together and make the most of the closeness you will get from playing the piano as parent and child. If you have an old piano at home, get it tuned and start learning. If not, then invest in one.