The Important Role of Structured Play in Preschoolers Development

Preschool in Salt Lake CityThe preschool age of your child is critical; as this lays the foundation of their development for the next few years. Some parents want to set rules and establish a strong academic groundwork to prepare them for the rigors of school. Some prefer letting their child be a child; contrary to what others believe play has many benefits that have a positive effect on a child’s emotional and physical growth.

The Role of Structured Play in a Child’s Emotional and Physical Growth

Structured play provides an avenue for kids to release their energy. They get to exercise, run around, chase each other or in more rules-based sports, perform certain actions that target specific muscles. A preschool in Salt Lake City, Smart Kids Development Center, cites that play time is a great way for kids to understand the importance of exercise. This lays the foundation for a healthy lifestyle as a child grows; it also reduces their risk of developing obesity.

Other than physical benefits, structured play develops a child’s language skills. Communicating with other children on a field or guided play tests their ability to explain themselves and pushes them out of their comfort zone. This also teaches certain words about the things a child may be interested in handling.

Play lays the foundation for self-concept and self-confidence. Performing a trick, task or building something using blocks is difficult for preschool-age children. Once they manage to complete these, it gives them a sense of accomplishment that boosts their self-esteem.

Following a Philosophy

It is not bad to think about the academic future of your child; however, it is best to let your child be a child. Let them play and enjoy their preschool years. Choose a preschool that offers structured play aside from book knowledge and rigid academics. Structured play is a great learning tool for kids because of the many emotional and physical growth benefits it offers.