The Health Risks Involved When Working at Nuclear Facilities

Risks Working at Nuclear FacilitiesWhen you live in an area where the only means of livelihood is working at a nuclear facility, then you might find yourself with no other choice. After all, you need to feed your growing family. However, you must at least know that there are health risks involved whenever you are employed at such a dangerous facility. Do you have any idea what you are exposing your body to every single day?

Subatomic Particles

This may seem like a term from a Star Wars movie, but it’s not so “out-of-this-world.” Subatomic particles refer to super-duper tiny particles that could easily penetrate the body without you even noticing it. These are the particles that go with radiation. The worst part is they damage your body’s cells and cause cancer. This is in accordance to Dr. Bernard L. Cohen in a paper published at

Genetic Disorders in Progeny

Aside from the risk for cancer, these subatomic particles could cause genetic disorders to your descendants. It’s possible that you may not suffer from harm during your lifetime, but your offspring will suffer from genetic diseases. This only shows that the risks involved when working at such facilities are most of the time long term.

Proper Care as You Age

As you know the risks you're exposed to, proper care is always needed as you age. Many workers end up suffering from health problems, which are due to their exposure to radiation when they were still working at nuclear facilities. There are also those whose exposure is so high that health problems are showing up while they are still working at their facility. When any of these happen, Nuclear Care Partners recommends the Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Program Act (EEOICPA) Part B. Through this, you can receive compensation for the sufferings you go through because of your job.

If the lure of a nuclear facility job is so great, better familiarize yourself with its health risks. This type of job carries long-term effects that could be troublesome for you and your family. Be aware and learn about the benefits that the government provides for you.