The Different Types of Locum Tenens Physicians You’ll Meet Along the Way

Physicians ready for workYou learned about the Code of Medical Ethics of the American Medical Association when you were still in med school. One of its principles is that a physician is free to choose whom to serve and which environment to provide medical services in.

Taking this into account, you are free to work as a locum tenens physician — one that temporarily fills a vacancy in a medical facility. What will make you choose this type of professional arrangement? You may share the same reasons as other locum tenens physicians you would meet along the way.

The Retired Doctor

Doctors spend most of their day in medical facilities; some even extend their shift for longer than needed. Therefore, it isn’t surprising if physicians who have retired from full-time medicine still want to at least spend a few work hours in a hospital or clinic.

You were probably also resident in a certain facility for a long time, and now want to return to the field — with less the commitment. Don’t worry about finding a temporary position because, as has mentioned, staffing firms exist to connect you with the right healthcare facilities around the country.

The Salary Seeker

Whether or not it is out of necessity, some physicians want higher income. They may choose to be a locum tenens physician as a second job, or because they think it pays higher. Either way, this path enables you to earn about $2,000 per day.

The Part-Timer

Finally, there are locum tenens physicians who chose the career path because they cannot devote their full attention to residency. This is often because of another job, further studies, or family obligations.

How do you know that becoming a locum tenens physician is for you? For starters, the position may suit you if you don’t mind moving from one healthcare setting to another. Then consider your current goals in life, and see if these match the requirements of a temporary or part-time position.