The Business of Aesthetics: Starting Your Own Salon

Girl Getting A Haircut

There may be many nice business ideas that come to mind, but if you want to be unconventional, enter the aesthetics industry. This is perfect for those who are passionate about making other people look good and feel great.

Should you decide to enter the industry, the next step is deciding which type of business you’re going to put up. A salon is a good choice. For one, people are obsessed with their hair, so you’ll never run out of customers.

So consider attending classes at a hair styling or cosmetology school in Utah. And once you have fine-tuned your skills, proceed with these steps:


Money is an important matter here. You have two choices to fund your business: either you bootstrap or borrow. It’s also important that you have something that will tide you over as your business gains traction with the people and starts to earn. This is especially true if you are bootstrapping. When thinking of funds, you must always consider the future expenses and taxes.

Your Store

Location always matters in business. Your salon should be found where there is high foot traffic. Distance yourself from your competitor. You may consider leasing a space along major highways or inside malls. Keep in mind, however, that these spaces can be pricey.

Your Staff

Your staff members represent your salon, so you need to be careful when hiring people. Hire experienced hair stylists. But if this is too expensive for you, you can form a mix of experienced stylists and newbies who just graduated from beauty school.

These are only some of the things you need to keep in mind when building a salon. If you’re unsure of your steps, don’t be afraid to consult those who have already gone through the process.