Suffering From Neck Or Back Pain? Learn About Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic CareChiropractic care involves the use of the hands to perform adjustments on the spine and joints, with the primary goal being to increase motion, reduce irritability and improve the body’s physical function. The treatment also depends on the patient’s condition, and the duration is proportional to the level of misaligned structure. For instance, patients with minor misalignment issues such as neck, muscle or back pain may only require one or two chiropractic manipulations.

In Scarborough, chiropractic care is used to complement other treatments such as physical therapy. The beauty is that this treatment is non-surgical and does not use any medications to alleviate pain, but a Scarborough chiropractor may recommend such treatments if necessary.

Understanding the need for chiropractic treatment

If you have any of the following conditions, you are likely to be a candidate for chiropractic care:

  • Spine misalignment due to poor posture
  • Misalignment of the vertebra due to slipping or falling
  • Swelling of the joints due to damage to the intervertebral joint
  • Inflammatory response due to poor diet or psychological stress

Chiropractic treatment plan

Just like any other medical doctor, the chiropractor has to obtain your medical history. A physical examination is then performed with more attention on the spine. The chiropractor then designs a treatment plan based on your health condition. Adjustments are central to chiropractic care. The adjustments are therapeutic and involve the use of controlled force, amplitude, direction, leverage and speed towards the particular joint.

Mainly, the adjustments are made to the spine, although the chiropractor may adjust other joints such as the knee, elbow, ankle, wrist or shoulders. The treatment plan may involve a series of adjustments at different intervals. The adjustment may incorporate non-manual therapies such as heat or ice application, rehabilitative exercise, as well as education on weight loss and other lifestyle factors.

For the relief of your neck pain, back pain and joints irritability, chiropractic adjustment may prove effective. Your problem may not need an invasive procedure or medication at all.