Study Says Men with Strong Chin Are Likely to Have a Successful Career

defined jaw line
Are you a man with a strong jawline and chin? Well, you’re in luck! Not only that the women will find you attractive, but you’ll likely have a successful career, as well, says scientists.

Universal Attractiveness

Several scientists argue that beneath cultural differences, humans have inescapable and universal biases about beauty. Innately, people correlate a number of physical characteristics to the attributes that make for good mates. Men with symmetrical faces, for instance, are more attractive than asymmetrical ones, as women subconsciously associate facial symmetry with good health and high testosterone. In the same way, women with big hips are deemed beautiful by many men — regardless of their nationalities —, as larger hips are a sign that the women can provide healthy offspring.

Physical Prowess

Performing further research on universal attractiveness, these scientists found that beauty and physical prowess are correlated, too. In one study involving male military officers, researchers found that broad-chinned cadets attained higher ranks in the military than their classmates with weaker chins. Scientists say that the extra layers needed to develop a broad jaw require a high level of testosterone, which is closely associated with strength, confidence, and qualities of ambition. They explained that the more testosterone you have, the greater you can express the said qualities. So, it is no surprise that the cadets with strong chins were able to progress in their career faster than the others.

Cosmetic Procedures

Though it looks like that the narrow-chinned males are far behind when it comes to attractiveness and physical prowess from the ones with stronger chin, there are now cosmetic procedures to enhance the chin, such as chin implant surgery. However, Dr. Stephen B. Baker, MD  from Washington, D.C. reminds everyone that chin implant surgery is not only ideal for those who want to improve their facial profiles, but also for those with small chins due to dental conditions like malocclusion.

It is a scientific discovery that males with strong chin are likely to have a successful career. But even if your facial profile may have an impact on your career, your professional future depends on your attitude, personality, and other qualities, as well.