Stressed? Perhaps You Should Take a Holiday

Friends Taking a HolidayYou have probably heard of this before: take a holiday once in a while.

As an adult living in this busy era, it is unavoidable to accumulate problems and illnesses induced by work and daily stress. The human body is not designed to work like machines, and if you think about it, even machines give up when they are overworked.

You would be surprised at how you will see your job in a new light once you have taken a break from it.

Myth: Holidays Are for the Weak

You can have Superman’s alien body and still feel tired after relentless days or months of working. Holidays exist for a reason other than to celebrate something significant. They are there to serve as mini breaks and let your body rest even for just a couple of days.

Daily activities, like cooking your meals, cleaning your house, washing your clothes and even just taking a shower, stresses you out. Dr Whitbourne from Psychology Today wrote that work creates stress, and stress creates illnesses, and illnesses lead to reduced performance. In the long run, it is not a very good investment of your time.

This ‘holiday is for the weak’ business is actually what makes you weak in the first place. You are better off thinking you will be ‘stronger’ when you get back from a break.

‘Where Do I Go?’

It does not mean you have to go somewhere. It is more about getting away from work and relaxing, probably with your loved ones. A staycation is just as good as going on a trip, provided you do not touch your work.

When you hear the word ‘holiday’, you probably think of lying under the sun with sunglasses on and a cool beverage in hand, but there are other places to go. Sometimes beaches can be quite stressful if they are crowded. Consider going hiking or perhaps renting a ski chalet for a holiday. The greens of the forest can be calming and the whites of the snowy caps can be refreshing.

A colourful, vibrant place can be a feast for the eyes. As long as you will be comfortable and mentally stimulated, it is a great place to spend your me-time.

‘But My Emails…’

A lot of people advise not checking your emails while on holiday, and it can lead to anxiety when you think about the hundreds of emails you have received. Dr Whitbourne suggests allowing yourself one to two hours a day of checking your inbox, so it will not be as full and cluttered when you come back.

Going on a holiday or even just a staycation is actually a need rather than a want.