St. Anton: The Destination for the Ski Enthusiast

A Pair of SkiersSt. Anton in Austria is a popular ski resort for ski enthusiasts. Set in the Arlberg region in Western Austria, it is accessible from neighbouring countries like France, Italy, and Switzerland.  St. Anton is fully equipped with ski chalets and well connected to other resorts around the area. A winter vacation for the ski enthusiast would be best in St. Anton, suggests the experts at Ski Line Limited
Those who want to come here have the choice of flying into Innsbruck or any other major connection and then take a train or bus to St. Anton.  Train connections to St. Anton are frequent and available at 2-hour intervals. Ski chalets and hotels are not more than a 10-minute walk from the station. For those arriving with a lot of equipment, taking a bus or a cab to the hotel is recommended.

How to get around in St. Anton and the Arlberg area

The bus station is located conveniently near the Rendlbahn gondola. Many local buses operate frequently and offer visitors access to different parts of the area. The area is small enough for people to go on foot. In fact, the centre of the village is a pedestrian-only zone. Guests have the choice of taking a bus or a cab to go to places like St. Christoph, Zurs, and Lech.
St. Anton is the chosen spot for many intermediate to advanced skiers. Its consistent snow record and ski slopes that present varied difficulties make it an appealing skiing destination.

Skiing for Everyone

For beginners, St. Anton's slopes could present a challenge, as even the normal slopes are advised to approach with caution. Skiing beginners should ski around Nasserein.  Intermediate skiers are advised to stay in Rendl.  The slopes in St Christoph are ideal for advanced skiers. 
If you want to go on a skiing trip to enhance your skills on the slope, make St. Anton your next destination.