Spice Up Your Wedding with Wedding Tradition Alternatives

Portrait of happy newly wed couple in a LimousineWho said that your Indiana wedding needs to be traditional? You can have your wedding go against the grain by replacing traditions with great alternatives. Alternative wedding elements can make your wedding more unique and memorable for you as well as for your guests. You may be wondering what wedding elements you can change up. You can take a look at some suggestions below that you could use.

A Vintage Limousine

Did you already plan for the transportation that will take you to and away from the wedding? You have a multitude of transports to consider. When you want a truly unique wedding transport, Antique Limousine of Indianapolis recommends renting a vintage limousine like a 1953 Rolls Royce Silver Wraith? Many Indianapolis limo rentals can lease you such a vehicle as well as other vintage limousines.

Wedding Pizza

Did you have a traditional wedding cake in mind already? Why don’t you serve something else like pizza? A couple wedded in April and had wedding pizza instead! You can also swap the wedding cake with other alternatives such as donuts, cupcakes, and other desserts.

Photo Booths

Do you want to do something trendy such as selfies for your wedding? You can set up a photo booth as well as selfie stations where guest can simply waltz in and take pictures. Such a setup can be functional and fun.

A Girls-Only Dance

Does the bride still want to do a bouquet toss? Many brides have done away with the tradition since 2013. Instead of a bouquet toss, alternatives include a girls-only dance, a flower ceremony where you can hand a flower to the special people in your life, or throwing something that matches your wedding theme instead of a bouquet.

You can find many other wedding tradition alternatives online. You may even have ideas of your own that you can incorporate into your wedding. For this generation’s weddings, the sky’s the limit for creativity and uniqueness.