Snowboarding Accessories: Do You Go with Gloves or Mittens?

SnowboardingGloves or mittens? Many snowboarders typically have both — gloves for warmer days, while layered mitten systems when braving it out in the backcountry during volatile and colder days. Some usually go with mittens for warmth and simplicity, while others favor gloves for finger and hand dexterity.

The question is, which is better?

Dexterity or Warmth?

Some people swear by mittens being warmer, but lack dexterity. Gloves have better dexterity if you’re wearing a low- profile spring weight or pipe glove. Leather gloves are a different story especially if they’re filled with layered insulation since they become bulky. In addition, you’ll have to adjust your mittens when binding your goggles or straps and fixing your helmet, while you can readily use your gloves as is.

Layering Systems

Majority of boards wear layered mitten and glove systems. Glove and mitten liners can pull away or wick moisture to ensure your hands stay dry, while a layer of insulation will ensure your hands stay warm. A protective outer layer covers the entire system to safeguard your hands from moisture, snow, and wind. You can easily remove or add different layers depending on the weather conditions.

Listen to your Body’s Needs

Your toes won’t have issues staying warm since they’re protected inside your insulated boots. On the other hand, says, when you wear Burton gloves, your fingers will be isolated from each other to give you dexterity. Because of this, blood flow to your fingers will be diminished and instead delivered to other body parts that require more warmth. When wearing mittens on the other hand, your finger will be close to each other so they’ll be able to trap and share more warmth.

Essentially, the answer to this seemingly never ending debate all comes down to user preference. However, whether you’re wearing gloves or mittens, it’s crucial to consider the material’s breathability. This is vital to ensure that perspiration will escape as vapor, making sure that your hands and fingers will be kept dry and warm for as long as possible.