Smoking and Health: Why That Cigarette Stick Should Be Your Last

Quit SmokingStaying in good health may be impossible if you don’t quit some behaviours. Smoking is detrimental to health and is responsible for some of the leading preventable deaths experienced across the globe. Although there are about 600 ingredients in cigarettes, they release over 7000 chemicals when burned.

Many people continue to smoke despite knowing it causes lung cancer, but did you know that the harm cigar smoke causes apply to other body organs and systems? Quit Stop Now noted that if you can't find easy ways to quit smoking, then let these conditions convince you:


Smokers are at risk of developing stomach ulcers and cancer. Cigarette smoke highly weakens the muscles at the lower end of the oesophagus. This eventually causes reflux, a condition where stomach acids back up into the esophagus. Moreover, smoking increases the chances of developing kidney cancer. People who smoke 10 cigarettes a day increase the risk of developing kidney cancer by about one and a half times. Smoking about 20 cigarettes a day doubles the risk.


The amount of oxygen that gets into the skin of a smoker is less compared to a non-smoker. Besides looking dull and grey, smoking causes your skin to age faster than it should. Smokers suffer more from premature aging. This means they age 10 to 20 years faster and develop facial wrinkles around the mouth and eyes. Smoking for a long time causes hollow cheeks and grey-yellow complexion that makes a smoker look gaunt. By quitting smoking, you will prevent your skin from further deterioration.


Men who are heavy smokers may suffer from impotence since the chemicals in the cigarettes damage the blood vessels that supply the reproductive organ with blood. Moreover, cigar chemicals can also cause testicular cancer, low sperm count and also damage sperms. Women who smoke have reduced fertility, increased cervical cancer risks and increased HPV prevalence. Smoking while pregnant is dangerous because it can cause stillbirth, premature birth, illnesses, miscarriages and even death.

Smoking is dangerous to the health of any smoker and those nearby irrespective of gender and age. If you were unable to quit smoking the first time you tried, don’t assume it’s a difficult thing to do. There are effective ways to quit smoking. All you need is some support.