Smile More: It Can Make You Seem More Intelligent and Successful

Cosmetic Dentist in Highlands RanchWhat can a new smile do for you? Well, according to the Beall-AACD Survey (an independent study done by Dr. Anne Beall on behalf of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, AACD), a smile makeover can do a lot for you. It can make you appear more intelligent, successful, wealthy and interesting, among many other sought-after character traits.

How the study reached the findings

In the study, 528 Americans were shown the pictures of eight people. Half of the respondents viewed photos of four people who had not received a smile makeover. The other half of the interviewees were shown pictures of four individuals who had undergone cosmetic treatment. The participants were asked to quickly rate the persons in the pictures regarding among other things, attractiveness, intelligence, success, happiness, and popularity with the opposite sex.

First thing people notice in your smile

When asked about the first thing they noticed in a person’s smile most participants in the above study reported:

  • Straightness, sparkle or sincerity of the smile
  • Color or cleanliness of the teeth
  • Missing teeth

What do people consider an unattractive smile?

Regarding the quality of a smile, Willow Creek Dental says the most common responses mirrored the common problems cosmetic dentists in Highlands Ranch tackle every day. The majority of replies on what was considered an unattractive smile were:

  • Stained/Discolored/Yellow teeth
  • Missing Teeth
  • Dirty teeth
  • Crooked Teeth
  • Decaying teeth and cavities
  • Gaps and spaces in teeth

Value of a smile

The value of a good smile can’t be overestimated especially in today’s world of first impressions. 99.7% of the 528 respondents in the Beall-AACD Survey believed a smile is a vital social asset. In other words, virtually all Americans will judge you by your smile. Don’t allow people to get the wrong impression about you. Talk to a cosmetic dentist about dental procedures that can help you improve your smile.