Smart Shopping Hacks: Choose the Freshest Produce

Smart ShopperIt’s frustrating to see that the fruits or vegetables you bought are already spoiled on the inside. In some cases, you’ll see scratches and bruises on the bottom part that may lead to early rotting.

This wouldn’t be the case if you observe smart shopping when you go to the supermarket, grocery store, or the local farmers market. You need to take time examining each fruit and vegetable so you can serve nutritious and delicious food for your family. Check out the following hacks on picking the best and freshest produce.


Before placing a fruit in your shopping cart or basket, take time to see and touch each piece. Pick it up and examine its texture, firmness, and weight using your hands. Fresh fruits have smooth and even skin. Scratches and dents are signs of damage due to stacking, storing, and shipping, according to and other fruits and vegetable wholesalers in Sydney. This could mean that the flesh is damaged or starting to rot.

The fruit should be firm if you give it a little pinch or squeeze. Keep in mind, however, that firm is different from hard. Hard fruits are often under ripe. This is especially true when it comes to berries, plums, and nectarines.

Weight can indicate the juiciness of fruits like melons and citruses. When choosing between two melons of the same size, pick the heavier one.


For vegetables, pay attention to the texture and colour of the skin. Potatoes, cucumbers, onions, and peppers should have consistent texture and firmness. Don’t pick one with soft areas as this could mean bruising or slow rotting. In addition, fresh and high quality veggies have vibrant and consistent colours.

Leafy greens should have fresh-looking, plump, and crisp leaves. Check if your lettuce and kale have even, deep colours. It’s normal to see minor tears on the leaves due to shipping and handling of other buyers.

Never pick root vegetables with cracks on the base. This is an indication of dryness. Fresh cabbages and artichokes should feel heavy for their size and have tight leaves.

Keep these things in mind so you can take home only the freshest and tastiest produce on your next shopping.