Skiing Vs. Snowboarding: The Feud

Skiing Vs. SnowboardingThere is always a competition between two or more different things, and it is only natural to see people arguing which is better. Such is the issue with skiing versus snowboarding. But, no matter what the opinions are, no one will come to a definite conclusion since “better” is at best subjective. Examining the two sports may shed some light.

The Big Bang

This is a lie. There is no “big bang” in this conflict. The most likely origin for this conflict though could be simple instance where a skier insulted snowboarding, or vice versa. The incident from then on spread and infected the community.

That said, there are some who does not mind either and actually thinks both are fun. Take for example, Matt Gibson, a travel writer and a photographer, who experienced being insulted while he was snowboarding. He has ridden with pros and there seems to be no ill-feelings between the pros.

In some cases, the competition between these two sports come from the difficulty. Skiing is actually easier than snowboarding at first but the table gets turned after the initial instruction. And this is the reason why some skiers think that skiing is superior to the other.

Let us further differentiate between the two.

Skiing: Easy to Hard

Like mentioned before skiing is actually easier at the beginning but it gets harder from then on. The reason for this is the position of the legs and feet. Using skis feels more natural to the human body. There is little reliance on the core muscles as skiing relies more on legs so it becomes easier for a non-athletic person to get it right on the first few tries.

The difficulty spikes up though when you start doing turns although it is also an intuitive human motion, and when you start trails with moguls. And it only gets harder after that.

Injuries in skiing also pose a lot of risks in more areas of the body.

Snowboarding: Hard to Easy

Primarily, the reason why snowboarding is hard during the beginner’s stage is because unlike the wearing skis, the feet is strapped to one board at an unusual angle. Since this position is not normal, first-time snowboarders will definitely fall more than first-time skiers.

But after a while, everything will click and every succeeding run will only have a small spike in difficulty. The more pressing problem now is the injury, but the leg area is relatively safer than the upper body, like the wrists and the collarbone if you get wiped out face first.

A War to End All Wars

Both are difficult, exciting, and fun in their own painful ways. The best solution to end any feelings of doubt and superiority is tried out both. Get some ski accommodation on your next vacation and do the best to try them without scathing biases.

You may or may not enjoy the experience but in the end, nothing is better. Both are fun.