Simple Yet Effective Hacks to Quit Smoking

Hands Breaking a CigaretteQuitting smoking sure is not an easy task. Most especially if you have made it part of your daily routine. That you have you reach the point of living without it seems unimaginable. But certain circumstances in life call for a change. Your doctor tells you to modify your lifestyle.

Your community reminds you to serve as a role model. Your partner asks you to start living a healthy life. These are too much pressure. And so is the process of saying your goodbye to smoking. Age is not a factor. Quitting is a tough act to do. Healthcare experts at Quit Stop Now share the easy ways to quit smoking with class.

Set your goals

Try asking yourself why you are quitting. Make it as a motivation or a starting point. Remind yourself, always, that you are doing it for a purpose. Give yourself a deadline. A sense of time is very important. When will be your last hit? Next, tell people about your plan – what motivated you, when could people expect to see that you have modified your lifestyle. At least in case you have forgotten your goal, there are people to remind you.

Know yourself

Try to make a list of what triggers you to smoke. What emotions, time, or activities make you go for a cigarette? Beware of these conditions to avoid getting a cigarette lit. If the urge persists, get yourself distracted. Do something – talk to people, surf the internet, watch a movie, do something that you think might make you feel less tense. Finally, do not surround yourself with those things you should avoid. Throw them away. Stay away from them until you learn to live without them.

Keep it up

Be reminded that you have started. That you have taken the first step, the second step, and all those things that come with it. Learn how to live with your objective. Learn how to help yourself. Learn how to avoid. Along the way, you will surely be encountering a lot of challenges – the urge, the cravings, the nicotine withdrawal syndrome, and all that. In times like this, go back where you started: your goal. Then tell yourself, these hardships are just temporary. Think of the result, which is achieving your goal.

Apart from these hacks, there are also other alternative ways to quit smoking. Such is the intention of hypnosis, acupuncture, behavioral therapy, and motivational therapies. And for these types of procedures, consider visiting specialist or experts in the field.

If you have learned to live life smoking, what more to live life without it?