Shaved Head or Not: 3 Effective Ways For Healthy Scalp and Hair

Scalp Treatment in SingaporeSt. Baldrick’s Foundation may not be based in Singapore. But its yearly project where thousands of people shave their head for children with cancer can help us realize one thing. That, besides your hair, you also have to take care of your scalp.

The scalp, just like the rest of the skin, protects the body from external irritation. It also plays an important role in the aesthetics of the face, especially that it is the skin where the hair grows. As such, having a healthy scalp is also the key to having a healthy hair.

How people with shaved heads take care of their scalp and hair is not that different from people with their head covered with hair.

Stick with Hair Products

Both have to continue using shampoo and conditioner to remove dirt and oil and keep the head flake-free. Using moisturizing products also help prevent scalp dryness during cold weather. On the other hand, using non-hair products for cleansing the head can make it dry regardless of the season.


Lean protein, as well as fruits and vegetables can help make a healthy scalp and hair. Our hair and scalp are largely made of protein. Likewise, fruits and vegetables provide hair nutrients that cannot be found elsewhere, not even in hair products. The vitamin B complex which is found in fresh produce promotes hair growth. Drinking plenty of water during the cold season can also help replenish the skin.

Additional Care

Certain conditions require special attention and treatment of the scalp, says. With shaved heads, putting a sunscreen will protect it from sun damage. Covering the head with a beanie on cold weather or hat on sunny can provide the same protection. A scalp massage also promotes hair growth by making blood flow circulation better.

A visit to a dermatologist, especially by those with hereditary conditions, at least once a year can help detect early symptoms of scalp conditions. Problems of the scalp are hard to detect until symptoms start to show. But even if you have a healthy hair a regular skin clinic visit will help you equip with all the information mentioned above.