Sell the House, Ditch the Loneliness: Independent Senior Living

Senior Living Community in ProvoYou’re not as limber and strong as you used to be when you were 20, but you can still take care of yourself. As a matter of fact, you still feel young and extremely capable. It’s the big, empty house that gets to you sometimes. The children have gone and started families of their own, and you’re all alone.

These are your twilight years; you’re aware of that, and living like this — all alone, not a soul to even have coffee with — is just not the way you envisioned this time of your life to be. You need to be around people but have your separate space. You can do pretty much everything on your own, but you need someone to prepare your meals and maybe do a little tidying up from time to time.

Senior living

This is the time to start looking at senior living facilities. Right here in Provo, independent living arrangements for active seniors are easy to find. Google them and look for one that offers exactly what you need.

It’s what you need

Such places will let you keep your privacy in your own quarters, while allowing you to share meals in a restaurant setting with the other residents. Spend the day fishing or golfing with a new friend, playing bridge, picking up a new hobby, or even going to work in your own business. It’s the kind of change you need to feel alive again.

Save money

Sell the house and put the money in your savings. After all, it’s become too big for you now. says senior living facilities are not expensive. You can afford to indulge yourself now and then.

Why stay in a place where memories only make you feel the loneliness? It’s a new chapter in your life, and there’s no reason not to make it a little exciting.