Scenarios When Invisalign Might Not Work For You

Invisalign BracesInvisalign definitely did the unthinkable: make teeth alignment a breeze. Your grandpa might envy you when he sees you wearing your fancy clear aligners, putting your pearly whites where they should belong like it is no big deal. You may eat or drink what you want, and conveniently remove the aligners for cleaning.

You are definitely in luck if you can have Invisalign. However, not everyone who likes to have these revolutionary clear aligners may have them. You see, regardless of the wonders Invisalign brings to the table, its limitations may keep you from receiving the dental care you require.

Before you go shopping for Invisalign braces in Leicester and other areas in the East Midlands, you must know if it is the best solution for your needs.

When Your Dental Issue Is Too Complicated

If your dentist finds out that you have a complex case of teeth misalignment, he or she might not even recommend Invisalign amongst your treatment options. Clear aligners are designed for cosmetic purposes; as a result, their function tends to be limited.

When You Are Too Young

The industry is divided when it comes to the appropriate age of wearing Invisalign. Some dentists would say it is OK, but others would lean towards other modern braces.

Despite the liberties Invisalign offers to patients, it still requires self-discipline to make it work its magic. Compared to adults and teenagers, patients below the age of 13 might have trouble wearing it for about 23 hours — or worse, misplace it.

When You Want Fast Results

Unless you do not mind, Invisalign might not move your crooked teeth faster than you hope for. According to, the materials used in other modern braces play a huge role in correcting your dental imperfection. Compared to metal and ceramic, Invisalign’s plastic performs less.

In the end, personal preference is not the only thing you have to factor in. If you have high expectations you think Invisalign cannot meet, then you might be better off with other modern braces.