Save Your Oral Health: Skip the Mouth Jewelry

Oral Piercing in BoiseIf you’re interested in oral piercing, it is important to be aware that it comes with health risks. Research suggests that piercings that involve the tongue, lips, cheeks, and other areas in the mouth are associated with dental and systemic conditions.

Piercing the Tongue

Tongue, which is a common area for piercing, involves placing of a barbell-shaped metal using a needle. Caring Smiles Dental Clinic’s family dentist in Boise notes that post piercing swelling is likely, with healing taking four to six weeks if complications are non-existent. The sad part is, many who have tongue piercings have gone through the procedure without using anesthetics.

Tongue Splitting

Many are also considering a more intense procedure like tongue splitting. As the name suggests, it involves splitting of tongue in half to create a forked appearance. If the procedure doesn’t involve anesthesia, a scalpel and a cauterizing pen are necessary to split the tongue in two. It may also require the person to pull the tongue pieces regularly to maintain the split.

Common Symptoms

For tongue piercing, studies suggest that tooth gaps are common for those who usually push the metal stud against their teeth. Other symptoms include discomfort, swelling, and infection. Injuries to the gum tissues and increased flow of saliva are also likely to occur. When it comes to tongue splitting, swelling is common, with others developing a severely swollen tongue in extreme cases.

No to Oral Piercings

Difficulty speaking, swallowing, and chewing can also be a problem with oral piercings and tongue splitting. It is important to aware of the side effects and other repercussions before considering oral piercings. In most cases, it is best to skip oral jewelry to avoid damage avoid to damage to teeth, gums, and dental restorations.

Protecting oral health involves more than brushing and flossing daily. It also means avoiding things or habits that can compromise mouth health. In the case of oral piercings or tongue splitting as a form of expression or art, there are other ways that don’t come with serious health risks. Investing in a healthy and beautiful smile and making it a fashion statement is one.