Sauces and Condiments: A Return to the Healthier and the Natural

Healthy Condiments and SaucesIf you’re eating healthy, chances are, you’ll have to bear with the fact that not all of the foodstuffs that you’ll eat will be as flavorful as what you usually have. There’s only so much a dressing can do to a garden salad, and you can’t exactly expect savory flavors when you eat steamed food.

So should dieting really do away with flavor? Our continuing shift to more natural food doesn’t exactly mean we are losing flavor; the truth is actually quite the contrary.

Savor the Flavor:  A Return to Healthier Roots

The terms ‘healthy’ and ‘all-natural’ are so overused now, and the prevailing attitudes towards them is that they are flavorless, tasteless, and generally unpalatable. After all, how can a juicy steak compare to steamed vegetable? Custom Culinary, however, explains that “America’s fascination or how food is experienced, how it is celebrated, and most importantly, how it is created has fundamentally changed forever.”

We now have more knowledge of the alternatives and our desire to retain the flavor of our food means that the healthy food we eat should not always have to be bland and tasteless. Our return to our natural and healthier roots includes the ‘rediscovery’ of sauces and condiments that are very healthy and good for our bodies. Hollandaise and Marsala sauces are just some of the condiments that are returning to its natural roots, and becoming healthier as a result.

Healthy Sauces and Savory Condiments

If you’re looking for something more of the local flavor, there’s actually a lot of healthier alternatives to staple sauces and condiments. Ketchup and barbecue sauce have notoriety for being among the most processed condiments in the food industry. Processed barbecue sauce, for example, is full of unnecessary salt, sugars, and preservatives that ruin the flavor and make it less healthy.

You can actually find healthier variants of these sauces, and are all natural with nothing that unnecessary added. Ketchup is rather easy to find as you’ll want the one with bits of tomato chunks in them and have that signature tomato taste. Barbecue sauces, on the other hand, are slightly difficult to determine. Apart from reading the label, check the taste. If it’s light in flavor and has that distinct smoky taste, then you’ve found the healthier alternative.

Eating healthy doesn’t mean sacrificing flavor. Whether you’re cooking or just dipping, there’s now a range of healthier sauces and condiments that aren’t just good for you, but are actually more flavorful than its processed counterparts.