Rock Your Frocks Like A Superstar: Secrets to Thicker and Fuller Hair

Fuller Hair in Salt Lake CityNothing beats thicker and fuller hair to perfectly complement your gorgeous outfit, right? Great hair brings that inexplicable “oomph” to your overall charm. Blame it on the Kardashians or the Disney Princesses because today, no one wants to have limp straight hair.

Now every time you go to your favorite salon, you always envy the hair of your stylist who went to a beauty school in Salt Lake City. Maybe it’s because of their training or maybe it’s her natural hair. But, you will be pleased to know that you can achieve her gorgeous locks even at home.

1. Use the right amount of mousse.

The ‘90s destroyed the reputation of mousse because of its crunchy past. Yet, this product holds the key to increasing the volume of your otherwise lifeless hair. Begin by putting an egg size dollop in your hand and massage it evenly on your damp hair from roots to ends before you blow dry it.

2. Use your fingers when blow drying.

To get most of the water out of your hair, use your fingers to softly comb your hair up and away from your scalp while you’re blow drying it. Focus the nozzle on the roots, and then slowly direct it towards the ends of your hair. This movement will smoothen the cuticle down. Raking your hair away from your head using your fingers instead of blow drying it flat against your scalp will generate a fuller texture.

3. Switch up your part.

If you want an instant root lift, change the way you part your hair. If you typically use the middle part, try switching your look by going with a side part. Same as when you usually use the left side part, change it to the other side for an immediate lift.

You don’t really have to book a session with your hair stylist just to get that hairstyle you’ve been dreaming of. You just have to follow these tips to achieve that Kardashian hair.