Rhinoplasty: What Happens During the Procedure?

Rhinoplasty Procedure in WayneNose reshaping or rhinoplasty is among the most popular cosmetic procedures worldwide. It is used to improve or enhance the proportion and appearance of the nose, or correct an issue associated with breathing. But what exactly does the surgery involve?

What Happens During a Rhinoplasty Procedure?

You will be given medication to numb the surgery area prior to the procedure. It will be up to your surgeon to decide whether you need general anesthesia or intravenous sedation.

Nose reshaping can be a closed or open procedure. During a closed procedure, the incisions or cuts will be hidden inside your nose, while in an open procedure the incisions will be placed across your columella, a thin tissue strip that separates your nostrils. DRwise.com explains the skin covering your nasal cartilages and bones will be gently raised via the incisions to allow the surgeon access to alter your nose’s structure.

If you’re going for a smaller nose, a cartilage or bone will be removed; if you’re going for a bigger nose, cartilage grafts will be added to your nose. Typically, the cartilage sourced from your septum, the middle of your nose, will be used. Other less common sources for cartilage grafts include the ears and the ribs, adds a renowned plastic surgeon in New Jersey. If you have a deviated septum, it will be properly straightened. Any projections will be reduced to address breathing issues.

When the surgeon has sculpted your nose into the shape you desire, your nasal tissues and skin will be put back. All incisions will be closed off. Your surgeon could also make additional cuts on the natural creases of your nostrils so their size will be proportionate to your new nose. Your nose will then be supported with splints and dressed with gauze during recovery.

Results of Rhinoplasty

Results of a rhinoplasty procedure are permanent. Although initial swelling and discomfort will diminish within several weeks, it could take as much as a year to see the full effect of your newly refined nose. During this period, you’ll notice gradual and minor changes in your nose’s appearance as it goes through the refinement process. Note that aging will alter your face, which includes the skin on your nose, but the contour will be permanent.

Now you know what happens during a rhinoplasty procedure. Consult a licensed and experienced plastic surgeon to take you a step closer to having the nose you’ve always dreamed of.