Researchers Explore Viability of New Vaccine as Cure for Acne

Girl With AcneResearchers from the University of California, San Diego, seek to formulate a new vaccine that could serve as a permanent solution to the acne.

The potentially life-saving — and major morale-boosting — treatment would work by controlling the acne-causing effects of P. acnes bacteria without the killing the bacteria itself, according to Eric C. Huang, the study’s lead researcher.

Root Cause

You may be wondering why the study did not just eliminate the direct source of the problem. Huang said that P. acnes bacteria isn’t entirely bad for our skin. In fact, it is good for our bodies in certain ways.

This concept can be compared to sweat and body odor, which occurs when bacteria comes into contact with perspiration. As for acne, the study discovered an antidote to a toxic protein that P. acnes bacteria secrete on our skin. The researchers believe this toxic protein is linked to inflammation that results to a pimple or blemish.

The research has yielded good results so far after the vaccine was applied on skin biopsies of patients, with the treatment expected to be available to the public within the next two years.

Blemished Record

The vaccine will surely be a huge breakthrough in dermatology, as an estimated 80% of people between 11 and 30 years old experience acne, according to the U.K.’s National Health Service. For now, all we can do is maintain a healthy lifestyle with the help of medication to prevent the occurrence of acne.

It’s probably best to buy those that offer more than one benefit when choosing among many products, like an anti-aging skin serum that also prevents dryness or a sunscreen lotion that controls sebum at the same time.

There’s no existing cure yet for acne, as we can only keep it at bay or prevent such breakouts. In case the study yields positive results, we can only hope that it has no significant side effects to other aspects of our health.