Reasons Nurses are Important in Patient Care

Female nurse

Nurses play a significant role in the healthcare system. In the US, the three million nurses comprise the largest segment of the healthcare workforce of the country. However, despite being one of the fastest-growing occupations in America, the country is still experiencing a shortage of nurses.

Hence hiring a permanent nurse or a locum tenens nurse practitioner – a service provided by firms such as Interim Physicians – can help fill in this gap.

When you do not meet the ideal 1:4 nurse to patient ratio, and the more patients assigned to a nurse the higher the risk of infections, complications, falls, readmission and death to a patient. Below are reasons nurses play a huge role in the hospitals.

Assist in the Proper Treatment Procedures

Nurses are competent to help the doctors not just in the operating room, but also administer treatments precisely and on schedule. They make sure that treatment administration is proper, either through vaccinations, transfusions, dialysis or therapy. They do the follow-up care on wounds and surgeries.

They Monitor Your Health

Nurses monitor your condition 24/7. Routinely, they check your vital signs, monitor your physical state, heart monitors and more. Throughout your entire stay in the hospital, they check your progress and even listen to your complaints.

They alert the doctors and work with other medical teams to assure that you are in good shape. They are also capable of administering emergency procedures if the need arises.

Your Source of Relief

Through nurses, you get to communicate not just with your doctors and your family members. Their constant checking, reassurance and educating can give you a sense of calm while in the hospital. Their expertise to relay medical terms to a language you can relate to making you understand your condition.

Nurses play an integral part in healthcare, making sure that each patient gets the attention he or she needs.