Reasons Hearing Impairment May Develop

Hearing Loss TestsHearing impairment may develop during childhood or in old age, depending on the cause. While some hearing problems are gradual, they can get severe with time. Although you may have succeeded in maintaining faint hum music, avoiding heavy traffic and conversing in whispers, hearing loss may still develop as a result of other causes.

Childhood illness

Childhood illnesses are known to cause hearing impairment later in life if they are not diagnosed early and treated properly. Permanent hearing impairment may occur if the infections damage the inner or middle ear. Childhood diseases that may cause hearing problems include mumps, meningitis, measles influenza, encephalitis and chickenpox. The pediatrician can help you know the most effective vaccine to use to avoid these illnesses. This is the reason it’s important to undergo a comprehensive test for hearing loss.


One of the potential side effects that certain medicines cause is hearing loss. Actually, taking certain cancer drugs and antibiotics for a prolonged period is known to cause hearing impairment. Most medics advise people not to regularly use medicines such as acetaminophen, NSAIDs and aspirin among others without instructions from their doctors because such drugs cause hearing loss. Using such drugs in minimal doses or avoiding them completely can significantly reduce hearing-associated side effects.

Growths and tumors

Noncancerous growths such as benign polyps, exostoses and osteomas can cause blockage to the ear canal, resulting to hearing impairment. Doctors assert that restoring hearing is possible if the growth is effectively removed. If the acoustic neuroma that grows on the balance and hearing nerve is not removed in good time, tinnitus, facial numbness and balancing issues would develop.

Although many people are aware of some of the symptoms associated with early development of hearing impairment, they don’t know certain causes of this problem. Tumors and growths, drugs and childhood illnesses may cause mild to severe hearing impairment. So one should test for hearing loss regularly to minimise the chances of developing hearing impairment.