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We at want to become your number one resource when it comes to health and lifestyle. Whether you are a college student juggling responsibilities and school or an office grunt in a large corporation, we want you to make your health your number one priority.

Part of our goal to become the number one health and lifestyle hub on the web is to make sure our readers are absolutely safe when they browse our website. Please read our privacy policy below for more information:

Use of Personal Information

We gather data about the pages you may have visited within the confines of our website, the time and date of visit, Internet domain, as well as the browser and IP address you use. We’d like to assure you that these information are harmless and won’t compromise your online safety in any way. Additionally, we only gather your personal information for subscriptions to our online magazine.

We want to point out that providing your personal information is optional and we will never disclose the information you give us to other websites our third parties.

External Links and Cookie Usage

Our team of writers may use external links from other websites on the articles we publish to provide your credible resources that you can look up. We’d like to caution you that the privacy policies of these other websites may be different from ours, so please check their respective privacy policy page before you provide them with any personal information. We won’t be responsible for how these other websites use your personal information.

Additionally, our website does not make use of cookies or any other software that tracks your browsing activity online.

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