Pool Party Tips on a Budget

Family members having fun in their pool Summer is almost here, and you find ways to beat the heat. Gone are the days where you would just sit on your couch with friends and a cup of warm chocolate in hand while watching your favorite TV series.

This season, your custom home pool in Salt Lake City would be the place you and your friends would hang out. Hosting a pool party can be overwhelming, especially if you are on a budget, but these tricks can help you have a fun one without busting your pockets.

Set your own mood

Ditch the decorations and try to work with what you have. Take out those outdoor chairs you have kept in the attic for a long time. Pluck some flowers in your garden and put them in a vase to set the table. Utilize your candles. They are perfect mood setter especially when the party is at night.

Do not worry about your decorations; people are busy swimming and chatting that they will not notice your banners.

Make your own snacks

Instead of buying ready-to-serve munch packs, unleash your inner chef and whip up your own snacks and meals. Alternatively, have a potluck party and ask people to contribute and help you with your expenses.

Alcohol potluck

Free flowing drinks are a good thing, but it is undeniably heavy in the pocket. Ask help from your friends and have an alcohol potluck. Everyone can drink to his or her hearts’ desire without you having your break your bank account.

Hosting a party can be quite exhausting, but you should not forget to enjoy and just let it go with the flow. Things might not go exactly as planned but that is how parties are.

Plan your pool party with your friends now and enjoy your home pool with the company of the people closest to you.